First Consultation


First Consultation

John is for-hire to give one-on-one advice about your land.  He has consulted on orchards, annual vegetable farms, back-yard gardens, and full-farm-systems design.  He’ll even come over and identify all the plants on your land for you.  John can just give verbal advice, or he can follow-up with a written plan and drawn design for your project.  He has accepted trade, money, and even IOUs in exchange for his service.

  • First consultation will inform a plan for your needs
  • Typical first consultation takes 1-2 hours
  • Travel expenses will be taken into account, as well – John is willing to travel throughout the northeast Ohio region – contact him to ask if you are too far out
  • Virtual or phone consultations are possible, as well

Suggested donation for Private Consultations: $25-50 per hour.

Contact us to schedule your first consultation.

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