Red Beet Row is a small 7 acre education farm in Northeast Ohio (Ashtabula County).  We teach classes on how to grow food, medicine, and shelter in an affordable, holistic, nontoxic manner. We offer consultation and management services for your garden, orchard, or farm. We spread our love of plants through our off-grid nursery.  We provide tours of our underground greenhouse, no-till gardens, hugelkultur beds, chicken tractors, solar dehydrator, wetlands, polyculture perennial beds and more, all designed to be complementary and holistic! 
Red Beets are our symbol of food medicine

Education. Check out our current class offerings. Ask us to give a talk for you away from the farm, or give a private tour on the farm. Learn on your own with our How-To materials, recipes, links, and suggested reading. Peruse our Pictures & Practices page to learn through examples.

Direction. We offer private consultations on: orchards, annual vegetable farms, back-yard gardens, full-farm-systems design, plant ID, and more.  See our Services page. Please contact us with questions, or to schedule a consultation.

For our Nursery and Farm Sales, we have 2 pickup locationsCleveland Heights and Jefferson, OH

Nursery.  We are plant lovers and plant nerds. Every spring we grow and sell medicinal herb plants, perennial vegetable plants, and uncommon fruit plants.  We start them from seed when possible. These are for sale May 15-June 30. Check our online store for availability.

Farm Products.  We cultivate, wildcraft and sell nutrient-dense, chemical-free food, medicine, and other useful items. Check our store for current availability of:
Medicinal Herbs, Flowers, Roots, Barks- fresh and dried
Uncommon (and common) Fruits & Berries
Perennial Vegetables, Greens, Roots, and Tubers
Products we make and use: Salves, Baskets, Teas, Honeys, Eggs, and more!

Support our educational work by buying from us. All proceeds fund: materials for new classes, supplies for off-grid-energy experiments, printing costs for outreach, time to create educational content online/in print, supplies for natural building projects, natural beekeeping research, and so much more!  We are a growing force of skillshares, community, and action! Come join us!

Our Underground Greenhouse during Winter, both inside and outside (taken at same time)