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Private Tours

We host group tours on our farm during the growing season. We have beautiful gardens, polyculture beds, perennial beds, hugelkulture beds, chickens, bees, a mud oven, a passive-solar earth-bermed greenhouse, straw-clay farm building, and more! See our Pictures page for an idea.  We can gear our talk to focus on plants, or living off the land in general, or growing annual vegetables, or building with natural materials, or using animals in the garden… and many more ideas! Whatever fits your interests. 

We ask all visitors to the farm, please read our “Day Visitors at Red Beet Row” information to plan accordingly.

  • Tours usually last 2 hours — Abbreviated 1 hour tours are possible
  • BEST time to visit is June, July, August — Other times can be accommodated
  • Suggested pricing is same regardless of number of people — We DO limit to 8 parking spots (talk to us if you need more)


We aim to be accessible. Our tour pricing is on a sliding scale. This means you pick the hourly rate you are comfortable paying within this range:
Suggested donation for 2 hour Tour: $50-150
For 1 hour quick-tour: $25-50

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Schedule a Tour, email redbeetrow at yahoo
Or call and leave a msg: 440-316-BEET(2338)