On Farm. We host classes at our farm, current and past classes listed under Classes – we can repeat any of these developed topics, or talk about something new with you. You can also ask us about hosting a private class just for your group.

Off Farm. We teach classes off-farm, as well. We can give powerpoint presentations, or develop hands-on classes at your site. Some class topics we have already developed are listed in Classes, and others you must contact us to discover.

  • Classes can be geared to your needs
  • Typical lecture-style classes are 2 hours, and Hands-on classes are 4 hours, but anything can be modified


We aim to be accessible. Our pricing is on a sliding scale. This means you pick the hourly rate you are comfortable paying within this range:
Suggested donation for Teaching: $25-50 per hour

Email us at redbeetrow at yahoo, or Call and leave a msg: 440-316-BEET(2338)