Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees need pruned twice a year: during the dormant season (Winter), and just after active growth (mid-Summer).

John Wright has been pruning and studying fruit trees for many years. It is clear talking to him that trees are his passion. He can teach you how to prune your own trees, or just do it for you.

Rates, Travel Fees

Pruning estimates vary by tree – larger, more gnarly trees take more time. We aim to be accessible. John’s hourly rate is on a sliding scale. This means you pick the hourly rate you are comfortable paying within this range:
$25-$40 per hour

+ Travel Fees
$25 per hr of driving, one way only. For example, if you live 1 hour away from Jefferson, OH, your travel fee would be $25. If you live closer than 1 hour, please just donate some bucks.

Schedule a Fruit Tree Pruning, email redbeetrow at yahoo

Or call and leave a msg: 440-316-BEET(2338)