Seed Library

Ashtabula County Community Seed Libraries

Maintained by local gardening volunteers, Seed Libraries house vegetable, herb, fruit, and flower seeds for public use. We aim to help make healthy food accessible, and to build up a community seed stock.
Learn how to save seed here.

Where is the Seed Library?

Currently, you can find Ashtabula Co Community Seed Libraries in these locations

Andover Public Library
142 W Main St
Andover, OH 44003

Henderson Memorial Public Library
54 E. Jefferson St.
Jefferson, OH 44047

Kingsville Public Library
6006 Academy St
Kingsville, OH 44048

Conneaut Public Library
304 Buffalo St
Conneaut, OH 44030

Ashtabula County District
Geneva Public Library
860 Sherman St
Geneva, OH 44041

Ashtabula County District
Ashtabula Public Library
4335 Park Ave
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Harbor Gardens
>Also sell “Sow True” Seeds and local produce
1022 Bridge St
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Please Donate Seed

Our volunteer-led seed libraries are quite popular! Please contribute to this shared community resource – donate seed. We will take any seed. >>>> Go to the front desk of any participating library. Instructions for donation and envelopes are there

How does it work?

Anyone is welcome to take seeds out from the library and plant them at home. Take as much seed as you think you will use this season. Some libraries have seeds portioned out for you and you take a whole envelope. Some libraries have empty envelopes for you to portion your own seed. You don’t need to register. Just take seeds.

How seeds are cataloged on the shelf:
1. “Herbs & Flowers” are grouped separate. The rest are common vegetable families: “Squash Family,” “Carrot Family,” etc. Seeds that are not in these families are found under “Misc.”
2. Within each family, the seeds are alphabetical by Common Name. All “Peppers” are together, all “Kales” are together, etc.

Save Your seed!

You are not required to save seed to participate in this program, but it is highly encouraged.  Also, it’s easy to learn!  There are books, websites, and handouts that explain how to save seed from different plants.  See our How-Tos page to learn more.

Volunteer for your local Seed Library

Want to volunteer for an existing library? Or get one set up? Talk to your local participating library.  See below for a sample of, “Volunteer Helper Instructions.”
Join our Contact List!
Get updates from seed library volunteers. Help us keep up the seed libraries!  Contact Red Beet Row to be added.

How Do I Get My Library Involved?

We were invited by these local libraries to set up.  Red Beet Row is volunteering as the central contact for each library.  More volunteers make it happen – each library attracts volunteers from their own members.  The library staff help solicit more volunteers, print all materials, get the word out, configure a physical space to house the seed library, and buy in any needed materials (which are minimal – envelopes, shoebox-sized bins, etc).  See below for sample documents.  Once the seed library is set up, volunteers help maintain it long-term.  Volunteers are needed to shelve donated seeds, keep the seed area clean, and sort and organize seeds.