Consultation & Installation

John Wright consults on and installs orchards, back-yard gardens, annual vegetable farms, homestead set-ups, and full-farm-systems design.  He’ll even come over and identify all the plants on your land for you.  John can just give verbal advice, or he can follow-up with a written plan and drawn design for your project, or he can install your designed plan (within capacity). 

Design consultations can be in-person, through zoom, or on the phone. It isn’t always necessary for John to see the property in-person; sometimes Google Earth and detailed pictures of problem areas and topography are enough.

Or call and leave a msg: 440-316-BEET(2338)

Rates, Travel Fees

We aim to be accessible. John’s hourly rate is on a sliding scale. This means you pick the hourly rate you are comfortable paying within this range:
$25-$40 per hour

+ Travel Fees
$0.67 per mile (travel pricing is negotiable, flexible – don’t let this turn you away without talking to us first)

Frequently Recommended

  • The Permaculture Designers Manual, By Bill Mollison
  • Creating a Forest Garden: Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops, By Martin Crawford
  • Edible Forest Gardens (2 Volume Set), By Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier
  • Growing Fruit Trees: Novel Concepts and Practices for Successful Care and Management, By Jean-Marie Lespinasse
  • The Holistic Orchard, By Michael Phillips
  • Premier1, mobile fencing supplies
  • Rust Belt Riders, compost in Cleveland